Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sewing through the pain

Today is not a good day; I'm not going to lie to those of your out there in internet land. Chemo and Keanu* and I are not friends today. The last few days the chemo was giving me belly issues and then this morning at work i was smacked in the face with a killer headache. Luckily I came home early and after lots of advil, caffeine, and law and order svu, the headache decided to vacate the premises.

So i decided to return to my crafts and keep relaxing, but no the thigh tumor has decided it's time to play the shooting pain game. I can only blame the tumor so much because I refuse to take the intense pain killers they prescribe me because that's really not my scene. The last thing I need after 10 years of cancer treatment is to become dependent on pain killers that they hand out to kids like me like the ice cream man hands out choco tacos.

I didn't mean for this to become a ranting post. I'm just irritated at the situation and found it funny that the way I get through it, is "sewing through the pain". Usually this involves some sort of loud music (tonight's selections are old school Incubus and Gogol Bordello) and just sewing away like a robot. It may not make sense to some of you out there but in front of my machine is the one place that makes life slow down. It can take me out of myself for just long enough to focus on the small project in front of me and not the huge one that is my health. I know there are so many other crafters out there who would totally understand that statement... what does it for you guys? How do you fight through the irritations of life?

*For those not in the know, Keanu is the name of the tumor in my thigh... he's a punk.

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  1. Already knew you were cool, unique & fun! But WOW girl - my back/nerve issues are min - you give me strength! Great post - and my boys are what get me thru the tough days! Stay strong ; )